Vintage in Provence

Take a moment and picture this: you’re riding on the back of a charming Frenchman’s motorbike or a horse through the lavender fields of Provence, looking fabulous in the perfect vintage frock, your elegant headscarf whipping in the wind behind you. Some of us – I would even venture to say most – have had a similar romantic travel fantasy. Wouldn’t it be grand to be Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly for a day, or go back in time to 1920s at the golden hour? Or maybe you picture yourself more of a cool Anna Karina or Brigitte Bardot type.

Even though we know these romantic sentiments to be a bit unrealistic, at least we can still try to look the part! Luckily, there are no shortage of vintage stores in Provence, offering everything from full-skirts, sequined shift dresses, quirky knitted sweaters, worn-in Levis and funky hats.

Vintage fashion photoshoot, with clothing from Blow in Vintage.

Model: Nella Fragola

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