The Sun of Parador

The Sun of Parador 

Written by Elena Perez 


Over hidden places and shadow, crossing again and again 

Ticking times, through many many lands and sea

Holding on to an image of you in my mind, of love or of friendship

Parting on a plight of nature it was, a few feelings…

Indiscreetly moving, taking a form into our lives, again taking on a power

Sometimes we left, feeling and unexpressed


A reignited and undying flame, from so long ago

An invisible purple and blue flame, not seem but felt

This night the fire burned, then slightly uncovered 

A burn of parador, it was always there, feeling yet inconspicuous

As a precious and lucent stone placed into a safety’s edifice

To protect it’s rare brilliance, under a secure and safe place 


Those things that left, I said silently to myself so many times, over and over again

The flame it fed, every night to morning, leaking into dawn and to sunset

It is to you the one who I have not yet, in earnest been 

It has become, form a pattern created, like the ticking of a time

Yet the pattern can be woven into any guise, a clock on the face of a wall 

Ticking goes as once the clock, saying to itself I love you, I love you


When protecting our secret, holds not the key to the edifice 

Moisten, terre and fire, I feel it skip a beat, unlock

Feel the sun on your skin, touch your face

As if the sun burns on skin, nay it not be the conscience memory of you

Time will set, as it once softened but not to let be forgotten

Let it glow and vibrate as the sun of Parador was


The Sun of Paradorelenaperez