Sweden by Elena Perez


Sweden – photo-set by Elena Perez

Following destination of my Euro road trip: Sweden! Short but sweet stay. My next destination Poland following a 10 hour ferry boat over the Baltic Sea.

Swedish poem translated into English

It is fairest in the gloaming air — (Det är vackrast när det skymmer)
It is fairest in the gloaming air.

All the love the heavens bare

is collected in a dusky light

above the earth,

above the city light.

All is love, caressed by hands.

The Lord himself will vanish distant strands.

All is near, all is far away.

All is given

man for today.

All is mine, and all shall be taken away from me,

within moments all shall be taken away from me.

The trees, the clouds, the earth I face.

I shall wander—

alone, without a trace.

Original by P. Lagerkvist, published in the collection Kaos, 1919.