Spherical Fusion

Spherical Fusion

The subject of this series is about pollution, consumption, and to help raise awareness of plastics and other types of pollutants. The government holds the consumers responsible, however, it is companies who primarily use materials, like plastics, that pollute, endanger our environment and health in larger quantities than just one person or families. Although households have a responsibility to do what they can to recycle and reduce pollution as much as possible they remain a small percentage global pollution.

To describe my project in a nonconformist way, with reason, with ecology in mind, and from the perspective of a photographer, I will start off with my concerns for the environment and the degradation of the environment. I don’t stand alone in this awareness, so when I observe I and try to understand the problem as a whole. Everywhere, there is not one place on earth that is not touched nor affected by human pollution or plastics. Earth is being destroyed every day by that which will take thousands of years for Earth to recover from. In a way, we are murdering Mother Earth and all the life in and on it.

The word “fusion” is used to convey how plastics are so completely integrated into our lives, the environment and physical beings. There is no place on earth that does not have an effect from it. Plastic has attributes that are adhesive and can change molecular structure to even dna. There are great risks to the health of humanity that kill animals which works its way up the food chain to us humans causing a variety of issues.

Although there are new discoveries and new sustainable solutions that would ease the problem to pollution, people ignore the facts and continue to live the way they always have. It haunts me that in general people make little effort, I believe people are aware of pollution and that there may be a better solution to plastic however there is little what people can do. If people would stop plastics objects, or objects wrapped in plastic containers, companies would stop making so much plastics perhaps, or at least find a biodegradable option. How long will is take for companies willing to consider other options.

I believe that the solution can be solved through the power of government and the influence of corporations, but we have to put pressure on them. The rate of plastics being produced and plastic being left out in nature to take 2000 years to degrade. To end the pollution of plastics, is to start with the production and sales of products with research and new materials. This is up to us and demand alternatives.

One way to make changes is to create awareness, and I hope my project will do, end a little bit more of pollution and my concern for our planet. I have tried to do all I can to live consciously green. During the years, I have learned that one person can only do so much. That brings me sadness because I am conscious of the harm that people, even a single person, can do to the environment. I feel empathy for Mother Earth, a connection to all living things in her beauty and fragility.

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