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House Wife Sci-Fi GeekParisienneGothis WicParty GirlBusiness Woman Femme Fatal


       These images show herself represented in the different roles of present society. We are enabled by different roles we act in our live time, thus we must act a certain way in order to live the lives we choose appropriately. We put on a mask and a costume so we can best present ourselves in the circumstances within those roles. As a mother, a housewife, a businesswoman, a librarian, – all the roles that fit in society. One must act many roles to be efficient in ones life.

       One may wake up in the morning with hair askew, prepare a meal for children, send the husband off to work, and get ready to do an office job. In addition, look professional the whole day and be ready to take on the different challenges one is faced with at work weather it is managing projects or meeting the challenges a boss sets up for us. One will have to act and look professional in even the most ludicrous moments. The list continues – some are students and must work really hard then on the weekends to forget about their cares. Some may do this to a point of wrecking one’s health by partying, smoking, not eating right, or indulging in drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, it gets to an extent where partying becomes their focus of life, like that of a super star or popular musicians.

       One may look differently in the eyes of some people, act different at home or in public, and feel differently than what is inside of one’s mind. One may look serious, and be completely extravagant on the inside or visa versa. Perhaps one day a depression may sets it, this being the lighter or darker side to ourself. We may think “it’s not going to workout this week”, the next day there is something that causes one to feel contented, then see a lighter side, feeling a sense of conquering the world or at least a part of it.

       I have chosen different roles within our world to photograph as certain people have inspired and influenced or that I have encountered over the years, I convey myself in different roles that I have made up. I have set out different roles that seemed opposite to one an other. This project makes up cameos of myself in the given settings have chosen and directed. From the scene to the styling, the makeup, the camera operation, and the set lighting is all done with my own hands in the intention of stopping time and motion of myself with the camera. 


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