You would like to do a photo shoot with a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles? Whether you are an individual or a professional, I offer quality services for a portrait session.

You are an individual and you want beautiful pictures of you? I propose photo sessions outdoors and or in my photo studio for a moment of relaxation and pleasure!

My professional studio offers a wide range of products. … Portraits; Commercial Photography … Traditional, artistic, photojournalism, and more according to your desires.


Vous souhaitez réaliser un shooting photo avec un photographe portraitiste basé dans Les Landes ? Que vous soyez un particulier ou un professionnel, je vous propose des prestations de qualité pour une séance de portraits.

Vous êtes un particulier et vous voulez de belles photos de vous, qui vous mettent en valeur ? Je propose des séances photo en extérieur et en lumière naturelle pour un résultat sensible et sincère. Je vous propose également un séance dans mon studio photo pour un moment de détente et de plaisir !

Nous somme un studio professionnel qui vous propose une large gamme de produits. … Portraits; Photographie commerciale … Traditionnel, artistique, photojournalisme, et autres suivant vos désirs.

Portrait Session 3

$ 280 - 3 hours
Studio or Outdoors
2x Wardrobe & Accessory change
30 retouched photos
Format : Cloud or CD


380€ - 4 hours
Studio or Outdoors
3x Wardrobe & Accessory change
40 retouched photos
Format : Cloud or CD

Gold Model Book

480€ - 5 hours
Studio or Outdoors
4x Wardrobe & Accessory change
50 retouched photos
Format : Cloud or CD

Portrait Session
We are a professional studio that offers a wide range of products. Weddings, Portraits, Commercial, Products, photojournalism, and more according to your desires. Would you like to do a photo shoot with a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles? Whether you are an individual or a professional, I offer quality services for a portrait session. I propose photo sessions outdoors, in natural light or a session in my photo studio for a moment of relaxation and pleasure! Create a new look for yourself and your image Are you a professional looking for portraits to introduce yourself to your customers and partners? Use your photos on your website,  social networks, your resumé. Show yourselves in your best light!


Photo Shooting Locations
I work mainly in Los Angeles, but travel elsewhere. My photo studio is located in Torrance. During the session I take care to direct you with softness and humour so that this moment is above all a memory of pleasure. Come experience this unique face-to-face experience between model (YOU) and photographer. Packages do not include travel outside Los Angeles area.

What is your procedure in the studio?
My approach in the studio is centred on the people: the expressions, the characteristics of a face, the personality which is what stands out on the final portrait. It is the look of the person and the beauty of the light that makes the photo beautiful and strong. My approach weather in the studio or outside is modern, simple and in a timeless spirit.

How does a portrait session take place?
An individual session lasts according to your choice of session, during which I take care to lead you with gentleness and humor so that this portrait session is a good time for you. We are well aware that it is not always easy to have your photo taken so it is our role to lead this session so that it remains a good memory and for the images to live up to your expectations. Accustomed for many years to photograph people who are not used to be captured on camera, you can trust our expertise and let yourself experience of face to face between the model and the photographer. Believe me there are no one who is not photogenic, it is the eye of the photographer that makes the difference.

What is your technique? How do I receive the images?
I take great care to development the photos and quality of our photographic files. All my shots are made in RAW which is a high quality format for optimal rendering. After uploading and sorting, I work each portrait, one by one. This procedure is made obtain a professional rendering and beautiful nuances in contrasts, with a range of colors, gray, deep blacks and luminous whites. A few days after the portrait session, I deliver the digital files, all optimized and free to use within the right usage in your family circle or for your professional communication. The photos are delivered to you via a private platform where you can view, download and share the images.

What is your experience as a portrait photographer?
Professional photographer for years, I have the pleasure to welcome you in my photo studio. I photograph people of all ages and from all walks of life: couples, siblings, pregnant women, future bride and groom, musicians, actors, writers. I photograph in the studio or outdoors for individuals who want a beautiful portrait of themselves, make a gift to their loved one, create a photo book, professionals who need a studio portrait, etc. My photo studio works with the world of advertising, publishing and business for advertising and communication.

You can bring accessories (jewelry, glasses, hats …) and the outfits that look like and make you look and feel good (casual, chic …). We have several types of sessions to choose from. Allow one outfit per 30 minutes of sitting. Take care of your beauty look whatever days before the shooting session (haircut, hair removal, mask, nails). Look at every detail, the hands, the position of the legs, the direction of the gaze, the expression of the face. Remember the photographer will be there to advise and direct you.

The packages photo shoots include:
• Telephone interview to talk about your project,
• Photo shoot in the studio or outdoors,
• The shooting time,
• Selections and retouching your images in color and/or black and white,
• Screening session to select your favorite photos,
• Presentation of all products,
• Secure online gallery,
• The use of professional photographic and computer equipment,
• Photograph delivery cloud or CD formats.

A couple session, more intimate
In addition to your romantic story, I propose a couple session, more intimate: Engagement session, Day after or Trash the dress, you choose.