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First drawn to fashion photography, I specialize in wedding photography which can also be Fine Art. My way of working comes from the photojournalism. I try to make myself as discreet as possible in order to minimize the impact of my presence on my shots. This allows me to have really natural photos. Three words to describe my photographic style : Light, expression, and ambiance.
Even if I am based in the south of California, Los Angeles area, I travel all around the world. I’m in to capturing the moment! When I’m not working on a wedding, I work with divers magazines.

Are you the wedding photographer we need?
This is a question you must absolutely ask yourself. You must choose a photographer with the heart. It is necessary above all my style, my photographic approach of the marriage, and my personality correspond to you. I invite you to browse my wedding portfolio and take the time to find out who I am. If you like what you discover, if you like natural images that tell stories rich in emotions, if you’re ready to laugh a lot and cry a lot (for joy!), have a good time and party, and if you dream for your wedding as an intense, romantic and a little wild, I think we are made to get along and I would be really happy to be your photographer!

What is your technique? How are we going to receive the images?
I take great care of the development and quality of your photographic files. All our shots are made in RAW format, a high quality for optimal rendering. After the sorting, I work each portrait, one by one, to obtain a professional rendering and beautiful nuances in contrasts, with a beautiful range of colors, gray, deep blacks and luminous whites. A few days after the wedding, I deliver the digital files, all optimized and free of rights for your use in your family circle. The photos are delivered to you via a private platform where you can view, download and share the images.

What is your approach to photographing weddings?
I have a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography, I like working with emotion, light, and transcribing this beautiful moment as it happens. The vast majority of my photos are not asked, if so, I try to guide the couple while enjoying the moment that must be for you, a truly romantic and intimate moment. I also work a lot on little details that make your wedding day unique. Thus, I systematically take shots of the small elements of the sets, shooting locations or details of the dress or costume. Your couple portraits and all the faces at the wedding, your dear family and friends.

What are the main stages of photographing my wedding day?
Preparations of the bride (make-up, hairstyle, dressing), possibly of the groom, the pictures of the dress, the ceremony (civil / religious), the decoration, the photos of the couple, the cocktail, the entry of the couple, the dinner, the opening of the ball, the dancing.

Do you travel?
Wherever takes place your wedding, I would be happy to go to capture your wedding. Most of my trips are within Los Angeles. I work in California, but I can also move elsewhere in in the states and elsewhere.

Do you shoot natural light or artificial light? Or both?
This is an important question because it determines how flexible of a photographer I am while shooting your wedding. Ideally, you would want a photographer that shoot both natural and artificial lighting. The off camera flash is a more dramatic look, while the natural light is more smooth and natural looking.

Do you take traditional group photos?
This question comes up regularly during the first conversations. I emphasize the importance of my documentary approach and my goal to take pictures of everything that makes your wedding unique. Do not worry, I think these group photos are important on a wedding day, and I will advise you on the best time and place to achieve them.

What do you include in your packages?
All my packages include preparatory appointments, scouting (if necessary), travel within Los Angeles area, photographing your wedding with a varity of options, post-production of your images and delivery. I provide you with each package, all photos in High Definition and if you wish, to your guests. In addition, a small photo session of a couple on D-Day is planned – if you wish.

A couple session, more intimate
In addition to the story on your wedding day, I propose a couple session that’s more intimate: Engagement session, Day after or Trash the dress, you choose.


$ 500
Post Wedding Ceremony, Bride & Groom, Wedding Party, Family and Groups
50+ Wedding Photos in your Private On-Gallery


$ 1980
Behind the scenes, Wedding Ceremony + photos of the couple and groups + Cocktail Party + First Danse
200+ Wedding Photos in your Private On-Gallery
Post Wedding Ceremony, Bride & Groom, Wedding Party, Family and Groups
Cocktail Hour
+ Backstage
+ First dance


$ 2680
Photo reportae before the ceremony, behind the scenes, during the ceremony at the Town Hall or Church + photos of the spouse and groups + Cocktail Party + First Danse + Dessert
300+ Wedding Photos in your Private On-Gallery
Post Wedding Ceremony, Bride & Groom, Wedding Party, Family and Groups
Bride & Groom and the groups
Cocktail Hour
First dance
+ Cake Hour
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