Lyon Marché

Marché St Antoine: Food Market, Lyon

In the glory of the French food market, you and I can find fresh produce, glorious flavors, bright colors, the smells of the fruit and lack of smell from the fish. The envy of all gastronomic finds.

As the heart of gastronomic France, you would expect Lyon to have a very good one, and it does,  in the heart of the city by the Rhone, the Quai St Antoine Food Market.

It winds along the river gently. Starting at 4 or 5 am and running until midday in the heart of the city, it’s a very popular and well sourced market. Everything was fantastic, the selection was varied, and better than all of that, in the main it was local.

All kinds of tomatoes begged to be picked up, flat peaches radiated perfume and I swooned at the first bite. Bounties of herbs, garlic and fresh beans. Bright pink radishes with their green leafy hat, baskets of saucisson and legs of ham. Dripping gravy brown rotisserie chickens, turning seductively, challenging you not to buy.

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